Ceremony Packages

The Whole Shebang


Whether you want a seriously glam affair with all the bells and whistles, a shindig in your backyard with a BBQ and an old bathtub full of tinnies, or maybe you want to escape the attention in the spotlight and elope to some far-out destination… Whatever your jam, you’ll get a damn fine wedding where the sky is the limit! We'll work together to create a ceremony that it is "totally you". We'll tell your tale, celebrate your love and scream it from the rooftops! 

If you haven’t guessed already, I have a very relaxed ‘tude to tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an old-school hopeless romantic but I am quite fond of bending the wedding ‘rules’. Exchange rings or tequila shots, whatever you like, I just want to make sure you’re doin’ it your way.

I can bring my PA system - we’ll turn it up to 11!


Bare Bones (legals only)


Want to just scrap the ceremony all together and just sign the damn papers already? Wanna do it “registry-style”? Right on!

Or maybe you’re having your ceremony overseas? Okay, no need to brag but let’s do the legal bits here so it’s all legit in Oz.

The Bare Bones package is exactly that, BARE BONES… literally just the minimum legal words and several signatures; no aisle walk, rings, Ed Sheeran or marriage waffle. Zilch. No fluffing about, just the business taken care of in less than 3 minutes.

So let’s ditch the registry office and why don’t you book us a table at your favourite haunt to perform the nuptials over a cuppa, beer or Bloody Mary?


“So how do we do this thing?”


1. Book

We can chat via Skype, over the phone or meet face-to-face to get to know each other before you book.

If you dig my vibe, just say the words and we’ll secure your date.

2. Paperwork

Next, we'll meet up for a drink and we’ll sign a little legal paperwork together to get the ball rolling.

Once we’re done with the business side of things, we'll throw ideas around and build the framework of your ceremony.

Having a Bare Bones Ceremony? We'll complete the legal paperwork together, then skip straight to step 6! BAM! Hitched!

3. Plan

You can hit me up at any time via phone, email and Skype while we nut out your shin-dig. I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to have fun with. This is where I get the gold (…or the dirt).

Writing your own vows? No sweat! I can help you with that too.

4. Create 

Once I've learnt your story, I'll work my magic and put together the most bitchin’ hitchin’ you and your guests ever did see; personalised, unforgettable and will set the killer vibes for the rest of the wedding.

Why not keep the script a surprise for the day - trust me, it’ll be worth it.

5. More Paperwork

Later, as close to the ceremony as possible and before the marriage takes place, we’ll meet up again to sign a little more legal stuff.

We’ll use this opportunity to have a good run through of the ceremony so you’re ready to rock and roll.

6. Get Hitched

Say the words, sign the papers...'til death do you part!

7. Lodge

While you jet off on your honeymoon or perhaps face one hell of a hangover, I will complete all your legal documents - signed, sealed and delivered - to register your marriage.

Can you dig it?


Note on meetings/availability

  • The Whole Shebang package includes up to two face-to-face meetings

  • All face-to-face meetings will be held in Melbourne CBD

    Thursdays: between 12pm - 7pm

  • Skype meetings can be arranged at anytime on weekdays

  • Bare Bones packages are available weekdays only

Note on fees

  • Travel fee

    $2.50 per km to venue for all ceremonies and on-site rehearsals outside of 50km to Melbourne CBD

  • Long distance or Interstate travel and accommodation fees