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Killer Marriage Celebrant

Fresh-hot nuptials & bitchin’ hitchin’s in Melbourne & all over!

Jac the Hitcher is a new breed of celebrant!
— Last words of Ben and Gina

Killer Celebrant

Hey there lovecats,

I'm Jacinta but you can call me Jac. I'm a bonafide 'hitcher' aka marriage celebrant, based in eclectic Castlemaine, Victoria. I do weddings in Melbourne, Central Victoria and all over.

I am a big believer in performing the nuptials your way. There are no rules... well there are a few as far as the ceremony is concerned; you'll need to include a few short sentences of legal words in front of two witnesses and like, half a dozen signatures... but that's it in a nutshell! The rest is wide open for you to do whatever tickles your fancy so that your ceremony truly reflects you as a couple. 

Killer weddings

You could have the whole shebang if you'd like; a big wedding with all the frills or do a full one-eighty and ditch the 'wedding' completely, saying your vows over a Whiskey Sour in your favourite bar... on a school night. 

Whatever avenue you want to go down, I’ll bend over backwards to make the entire marriage process as stress-free as possible for you, letting you focus on the best bits like the cake and the fashion, darlings.

Jac the Hitcher. X


Wedding Packages


“If you want something super personalised and very ‘you’, you should get Jac. As one of our guests said, ‘this was the best ceremony I have ever been to’. It was like a ‘this is your life’ episode but for our relationship.

Jac is super organised, laid back and easy to work with. She is one cool chick with great dress sense and so will look very cool in your photos! (Very important!). Highly, highly recommend hiring Jac.”

-Last words of Ben and Stacey

Let’s talk the nitty-gritty…


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Hit me up by filling in the form below to enquire about your date. I am keen as mustard to hear from you.

Jac the Hitcher. x

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*Travel fees occur for all ceremonies and rehearsals outside of a 100km radius to Castlemaine, 3450.